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In the last episode, viewers were left wondering which of the 3 lovely ladies would be picked by the Suave male to be his date. The suave male, James Pearce, ponders over the questions asked and the answers given.


To help James make his mind up, he was given four options. He could either ask a friend for his opinion or ask the audience to help him make a decision or decide on his own or ask a further question. After asking a further question James made up his own mind and made his choice. In this episode all is revealed.


Watch episode 2 to find out who he picked, how they got on during their date and to experience the very talented Bashiyra’s entertaining musical performance.


New to Platinum Cat Production, a Caribbean dating game show called Suave Dates. The new Caribbean fun filled game show entertainingly matches singles together and sends them on a date to get to know each other. The aim is to assist individuals who have a lot in common, to find each other through the process of the show then leaving it with the new couple to possibly blossom in to a new relationship.


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Platinum Cat Productions


Cast: Mr Midas, Leyton Benta, Leanne Willianms, Chantelle Angelina

Director: Shanice Lindsay

Producer: Shanice LIndsay

Writers: Shanice Lindsay and Errol Tucker

Running Time: 75 minutes

Cast: Kash B LLiya, Simone King, Habeeb Gbagabrassila and Lawrence Brown,

Director: Shanice Lindsay and Lawerence Brown

Producer: Darren Baba and J Valentine

Writers: Shanice Lindsay and Lawerence

DOP Derrion Adams

Running Time: 20 minutes






Independent Film Making Fund


If you would like to contribute towards the development of local talent through independent films, then your contributions are welcomed.

Welcome to Platinum CAT Productions, we are an independent film making company that aims to bring undiscovered urban talent to a wider audience and also help build the UK's urban film industry.


We are concerned about the recent riots in London, unemployment, wasted lives, stifled talent, and the lack of opportunities facing a significant sector of London's urban population.


We believe that by creating platforms for urban talent to shine through, by nurturing and engaging such creative individuals through our independently made short and feature films, we will be inspiring, motivating and giving individuals’ hope of a brighter future.


Surviving in da Hood is a powerful and inspirational coming of age story set on the mean streets of urban London featuring a line up of believable characters everyone can relate to. The film presents a unique snap shot of the lives of five ambitious youngsters making their way in life showing the real adversities and pressing issues faced by young people everyday. The story centres around Drake, a gifted and fast rising rapper with a dark secret, who will do whatever it takes to make it to the top, but is placed in a major dilemma when his manager accepts an advance of £100,000 for a rap deal. Unaware of his artist's double life, the biggest deal of their lives deal will expose Drake to serious danger in endz where he's wanted by both the police and rival gang members out for murderous revenge.


Will he honour the obligations of the deal and put his life at risk or will he give up on his dream of becoming a rap star just as his career is about to take off?

Alisha, a young woman who grows up on a run down London urban housing estate falls for bad boy Rudy, a- wanna-be drugs dealer and school dropout who gets recruited by local gang members and is used to do their drug runs.


It’s not long before Rudy secretly involves Alisha in the drug business by getting her to look after his drugs but she starts trying the drugs for herself and gets hooked. Although both Alisha and Rudy are surrounded by ambitious friends who see the long term consequences of their drug abuse, neither Rudy or Alisha listen to their warnings. The young pair become lovers and give birth to Jason who is taken away and brought up in care not knowing his biological parents however 20 years later their paths cross under tragic circumstances.


The reckless choices that both Alisha and Rudy make during their teenage years not only destroys their lives, but has devastating consequences for the lives of their friends as well.



Through our own limited funds and considerable charitable support from cast and crew members, Platinum Cat Productions has been able to produce its first independent feature movie, ‘Surviving in da Hood’.


Our aim for 2014 is to premier the movie on the big screens. So, on Friday 31st January 2014 Platinum Cat Productions will be launching a fund raising campaign via Indiegogo, to try and make this dream a reality. We hope by raising enough funds we will be able to finance the cost of marketing, promoting, licensing and organising the premier launch of our feature movie, ‘Surviving in da Hood’.

On the 31st January 2014 Platinum Cat Productions launched its Indiegogo campaign. Get involved, start giving and start sharing our campaign link with your family members, friends and work colleagues and encourage them all to give to our campaign. There is a gift awaiting all our kind doners. Our link is http://igg.me/p/surviving-in-da-hood/x/5687545


Thank you



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